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Visa stress November 19, 2009

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You’d think Id be a dab hand at this visa lark. Believe me, no matter how much you travel decoding visa application websites doesnt get any easier. Finding the official website can even be tricky. The website I applied for my visa on was Click on visas & downloads and you can download the application form. You will need to send a passport photo and the appropriate fee. currently £28 per entry plus £8 fro the safe return of your passport. Essential.

I have decided to go prepared, well at lease to my 1st port of call. They say the world has tightened up some what. Gone are the days when you can just turn up and wangle your way in to a country with a few dollars tucked into your passport for the ‘oh so official official on the border. Im told its best to go prepared these days. Note: this is advice given to me by the travel agents I booked my ticket with, we know they like to play it safe. Im not one for being too sorted, I like to wing it, but for the sake of £56 I have applied for a Thai visa. Multi stop I’ll add. Everyone knows you always seem to end up back in Thailand after leaving. This is an unwritten rule among travellers. If in doubt head for Bangkok. Incidently where I fly to 1st.

So I get a ‘sorry you were out’ Royal Mail note through the door. Which wouldnt be a problem if i could run down to the depot and pick up my passport. however: they have instructed me to wait 48 hrs before i can retrieve my package. I thought id be cleaver go on the off-chance that it would be there. Nope I have actually got to wait 48hrs. No amount of pleading or explaining that i needed my passport asap as I need to send it off to the Vietnamese embassy. They just didnt understand my urgency, obviously not travellers themselves. So im am going to pop in before I go to work tomorrow. Pain.

Through quite a bit of extensive research as no one could really give me the answers I needed regarding whether it is possible to get a visa on entry to Vietnam I stumbled across my answer.

 The official Vietnamese embassy website Click on Vietnamese Visa and select the relevent visa form. Current price is £38 for a single entry plus £8 for the return of your passport. you will need to send a passport photo and a self-addressed envelope with your form.


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