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Ever thought you were lost? November 21, 2009

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Have you ever got lost? Panic struck? anxious? Imagine how Eric Steward 81 felt when he was visiting friends in Sydney, Australia.

An 81-year-old Australian man became lost on an early morning drive to the shops and ended up almost 600km (370 miles) away from his starting point.

Eric Steward told police he failed to stop because he “liked to drive”.

Visiting friends in Yass, a country town south of Sydney in New South Wales state, Mr Steward left to buy a newspaper on Monday morning.

More than eight hours later, after taking a wrong turn on the highway, he asked Victoria state police for help.

“I just went out on the road to have a drive, a nice peaceful quiet drive.

“I didn’t know where I was going but I knew it was somewhere, and with a bit of luck I would eventually find my wife again,” he said.

A good driver

Australians think nothing of getting into a car to drive to a local shop to get a newspaper or milk. But most manage to get back home within minutes.

With Mr Steward, it took almost nine hours.

So next time you’re lost. ask fo help before you get too lost, or check your trusty guide book!

Source BBC


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