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Spreading the word November 22, 2009

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I was rudely awoken by the pounding of humongous rail drops on the bedroom window at some God awful hour this morning. It sounded like I was in the middle of a Cyclone, being swept away, along with the entire population of my street. I was thankfully still cacooned  in a tog 24 duvet with a cat by me feet. I couldnt for the life of me get back to sleep. I had too much racing around in my overactive head. I must have been dreaming about my blogs:;How to make them more interesting, what services could I provide to the reader, how to get my head around all this URL address, http://’s, widgets, CSS and blogroll  jargon. (All gobaldigook to me at the moment). There was only one thing to do…. develope backpackerbird further.

I went all old school on myself. I drew a spider diagram. I remember Mr Philips, the excentric, slightly crazy, stick insect keeping  primary school teacher introducing me to the concept. As a not so interested kid I thought there was no point in such an exercise, but last night I found it quite a revelation. If I dont jot ideas (or should I call them brainwaves) down they could be lost forever, never finding their way back to my thoughts. I came up with a few ideas to reach as many people as possible and get everyone talking about backpackerbird. I have started a face book group. (long address I know. You can also find a link on the sidebar to the right of my webpage). The aim: To inform everyone wanting to travel, about to set of on their travels and those of you already travelling of current travel affairs. To provide a forum for you to share your experiences to help fellow backpackers.
And to meet like-minded people who might be in the same neck of the woods as you. The idea is that each of you who join the group will have friends outside my network who are interested in backpackerbird and subscribe to the site and spread the word even further. You could say a bit like a friendship cake. Did you ever make those? Make a cake and save a bit of the raw mixture to pass onto a friend who in turn makes a cake incorporating your mixture and passes some of their raw mixture on to a number of their friends. Sharing mixture and recipe developments. The group is along the same lines but you will be pleased to hear less complicated. In the group you can discuss travel issues, find travel companions, ask for advice regarding tricky travel situations and send feed back to me. It is an open forum, chin wag till your heart’s content!

I want to tweet, all the cool kids are doing it these days, even my dad tweets!!! Time to sort myself out. It’s all the rage, I cant believe I havent entered such a domain. The technophobe in me might be about to rear its ugly head again. I really dont have a clue how to tweet and once you have tweeted have you twat?! I will get onto it straight away. There will be a link on backpackerbird coming soon. You will all have to follow me.

So…. hopefully the word on everyone’s lips is backpackerbird. It will be a common household term before we know it! It might even be in the running for The 2010 Oxford word of the year, much better than this years winner….wait for it….unfriend. Come on, what a pathetic term. It has come from face book though. A true sign of our times. While we are on the subject of Facebook terms, campaign for a dislike button, its long over due.

On that note…..


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