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Advice to a Traveller. January 19, 2010

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The best advice I can give to all you budding travellers,…never book ahead. I have come across friends who have booked flights or accommodation whilst at home before they set foot into the unknown, not knowing what to expect of the world. They have regretted every minute of their premature actions. Say for example you book a flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok on the 23rd Jan, you have got to be there on that date but many find they want to change their plans according to who they meet and what the crowd is doing. Or you may have booked a few nights accommodation on a remote island that you we advised to do in STA because ‘Its high season and you might not find anywhere to stay’ this will restrict you to having to stay in that beach hut at that time even if you want to stay with the friends you have made.

There is always accommodation to be found everywhere you go, even if you do have to trapes the streets with your 20kg backpack to find the best deals, you will always pay less when you are out here too. And flights are easily obtained on the internet. So book things only when you are out in the big wide world. Plans always change.

Take me for example. I planned to go North after Bangkok to Chang Mai to trek the mountainous jungle for a few days before heading into Laos: However I met up with a girl and get on like a house on fire, we gathered a group together and fancied some island hopping 1st so that is what we did. We will head North after discovering what the islands have to offer. If I had booked a flight to Chang Mai at home or a trip up North I would have had to sacrifice my trip or my newly found friends. Nether would have been ideal.


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