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If only…Money trouble. November 20, 2009

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A question I am regularly asked is, How much money are you taking away with you? This would not be a tricky question if i know how long I was going to be travelling for and exactly where I was going. I have Booked myself a one-way ticket to the good life. I do have some plans for this next year but after that the world is my playground, so the question is a tough one to answer.

Im sure it is quite possible to blow the budget on plush accommodation and dine in fine restaurants. you will be the envy of all of your travel buddies but, not for long, you will soon find living the lifestyle of the rich and famous doesnt last long. That is if your not one of the rich and famous! I would prepare yourself for what I’d call ‘roughing it’. Dont be alarmed if you are a 1st time backpacker, this ‘roughing it’ way of living makes for more adventure, it makes your trip more exciting, it’s the difference between fending for yourself or having it easy,gives you a story to tell when you return to your mother land. Id choose ‘roughing it’ any day over the comfort of 4/5* hotels. Put it this way, you are much more likely to meet interesting people and make friends for life when living on a tight budget. Afterall pretty much everyone else is in the same boat.

So a quick and easy way to decide just how much cash you will need to splash use my equation. (be warned, its simple)

Number of days travelling x £25- £30 (this is an average)

It goes without saying that less developed countries like Vietnam, Peru and Bali will cost you pennies but AZ, NZ and America will rinse you dry if your not careful.

Thats it. I told you it was simple. However: there are many things to consider and many hidden casts.

Hidden costs include. Buying your ticket in the 1st place. I would say if you are looking at a RTW (Round The World) ticket you would be looking at in excess of £1000. And thats for the basic trail (Asia, Oz, NZ and America). If you are wanting to explore less popular backpacker destinations like India and South America Id add another £500. Dont forget the price you see on STA’s website (other agents are available!) are before tax. And tax can be a deal maker or breaker. Insurance is a must but can cost a packet depending on how long you are away for. Cover yourself for the activities you think you will be doing. You dont want to have a problem when you are diving and not be covered by that tin pot insurance company you went for after comparing it on moneysupermarket for the cheapest deal do you! Visas are another expense some people forget about. Read my Visa Stress blog for advice (updated regularly, more countries will be featured soon).

 consider not spending your whole daily allowance on chilled out on the beach drinking the odd cocktail in happy hour, days. You will sometimes be spending more than your daily allowance on days when you fancy risking your life on the bungee or throwing yourself out of a plane!

But dont  panic. as long as you plan ahead before you travel and get saving fast all will be a breeze.