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A sunday well-spent brings a week of content November 22, 2009

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Who said Sunday was a day of rest? After a hectic, jam-packed week  trying to fit the gym around working late shifts followed by early shifts, setting up my blogs and trying to spend quality time with the family, I could have done with a lazy, kick back kinda Sunday. Alas; with only 6 weeks left until I fly to Bangkok and commence my long-awaited tip of the ever beckoning world I had to deal with one slight, and unforseen problem.

I have rented my house out while I travel to help pay for the mortgage. I opted for the all singing, all dancing fully managed deal with my letting agency. The idea is to let them deal with every eventuality whilst I am away.  Saves me worrying, thats the last thing I want, receiving a message mid snorkel… beep beep, beep beep… This is a message for backpackerbird, a pipe behind your toilet has sprung a leak, the bathroom floor have fallen through to the dinning room… No thanks. However; I have instructed them to contact me while I am still in the country if anything needs to be sorted, just incase I can fix it. A backpackers budget can be tight as you know. I can turn my hand to a bit of light DIY to save a few pounds.

I received the call on friday…. The guttering was overflowing and dripping on my next door neighbours wall thus causing damp. One thing I do know is damp is not good. I better get this sorted, pronto. So, with a little help from my devoted Dad and the neighbours (terraced community spirit, gotta love it) we set up the ladders and got to work clearing the gutter. Guess who was nominated to scale the less than stable, had seen better days, would definitely not pass a Health and safety test ladder?…. you guessed it….me! One stong gust of wind, one slip of the foot and I’d be a goner. Im not at all afraid of heights or of falling but this was no rock climb with safety ropes, no sky dive with a parachute, oh no this was extreme gutter cleaning. Balancing precariously on the top pun of the ladder I began to scoop. I had prepared myself with heavy-duty latex gloves, a light weight bucket and an old trowel. It was revolting. Gunk layered on top of moss on top of more gunk. I ended up looking like I had undergone a good old session in the mud wrestling pit!

All slime removed and we celebrated with a good strong cup of tea to warm us up as my fingers and toes were on the verge of frostbite.

Here hoping next Sunday is all bout lay-ins, eating way too much for dinner , chilling and catching up on X factor!