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Sacrifices. November 25, 2009

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If you can count the times you have been overdrawn on one hand there is definitely something wrong with your spending habits. We’re all as bad as each other. There is rarely a month goes by that I’m within budget. I can’t help myself, it’s those must have shoe-boots that Pixie Lott is rocking or that Benefit product that looks good enough to eat, it’s packaged so beautifully. I would go as far as to say I’m a marketing executives dream. Im drawn in by all the big lights, the all singing, all dancing gimmick, the BOGOF’s. It’s all one big scam to draw the credulous consumer (AKA me) in. I know what you’re game is. I know how these things work, so why can’t I stop myself? 

1 st it was the backpack. I just had to have the last model, the most appealing colour, the one with the most gadgets. Of cause non of which is really necessary and when I’m away. The colour of my bag is of  little importance, it’s more the amount of pockets it has and the comfort of it that really matters. Thankfully I know a man who can and I managed to wangle a rather large discount off my fabulous bag. It is certainly who you know not what you know. 

So, backpack aside I realised I am going to have to curb my spending habits or I would end up with more products than I could possibly want or even need to take away with me. After all there is limited space in my 55l monsoon. I will have to eliminate the un-necessary and only pack the essentials I require for my trip. Afterall if I am going to want to squeeze my  hair straighteners in, the 5 bikinis, 4 pairs of flip-flops, 3 hoodies, 2 pairs of leggings, 5 boobtubes, 4 skirts and a mac-in-a-sac might just have to be reduced. The straighteners are staying! 

I am trying to combat my addiction by staying away from shops, which is near impossible when I work in a shopping center. It’s a case of straight in and out of work, blinkers on so no shop window has chance to lure me in. I have even decided to leave my bank cards at home so I’m not tempted by all the beautiful new stock we have in our shop daily.  I keep telling myself  it will all be worth it. Its killing me.

I didn’t even cave in when Kasabian tickets were dangled in front of me like a carrot in front of a donkey. A few weeks back I would have snapped them up. I love them. All my friends were going to the gig. There was so much hype. But rationality took over and I did not buckle. I didn’t need to go, so I simply said no. I bloody wish I hadn’t, it sounded like an amazing night. However: I am now not in my overdraft for the 1st time in forever and I havent had to eat into my travel funds. I am only half way through the month though. Well here’s to making do with the 15 different types of lip gloss I own and digging out those shoe-boots I already had.