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Thanks for your support guys November 22, 2009

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It was a worry…Will anybody read my blog? I’m not a natural-born writer nor am I the wittiest person you will have come across, but I’m giving it a good go. It’s a passion of mine to have my own column, write and report for renowned news channels on current affairs and political debates regarding world news; be known amongst the best journalists out there… Ok ok, I hear you, Im getting slightly carried away with it. Im no Fergal Keane but I’m going to give this blogging business a whirl. This is it, the way in, maybe one day you will hear my name on the BBC. ‘And over to you Hannah’ … ‘Thanks Fiona…’ I did once play the journalist in a primary school Christmas nativity play. We were going for the alternative, let’s get everyone interested in nativity approach. I ( in an oversized, borrowed, dogtooth suit) reported on our Mary and Joseph… you know the story. Maybe that is where it all stems from, the alter ego in me has been lay dormant for all these years. Time to unleash my inner journalist!

So thanks to all you lovely folk for hitting my blog. Much appreciated. The idea is to get Backpackerbird out there. I what it to be the word on everyones lips. It is still very much in the developing stages but patients is of vertue as they say. Good things do come to those who wait.

 I am working on developing links, adding images, creating apps for your phones and much much more ( with a little help from my technological friends). Hopefully Backpackerbird will be your one stop shop for all things travel; currency convention, weather reports, accommodation reviews, News, you name it and I’ll do it. If  there is anything you want from this site then you just leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Watch this space.