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Termination of contract. November 26, 2009

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I’ve done it, I’ve written my notice… They know it’s comming but it doesnt make it any less eventful. Some would say 3 years isnt that long, I tell you its long enough. Time to get back to the world I know and love. Get me back to the streets of Bangkok with a Mai Tai in one hand and a woo woo in the other, back to the pure white beaches of the Whitsunday’s with my fins and snorkel at the ready and the beauty of Queenstown at the foot of the Remarkables.

I’m kinda nervous, this is ‘closeur’ as Katie Price would say. Have I really just quoted that daft,attention seeking, press manipulating woman? Guess so. It feels like the beginning of a new chapter. As of tomorrow (27th november 2009) I will be working my notice, counting down the days till I set off on the trip of a lifetime. I will just add that I have actually been counting down the days since June, nothing like getting excited early! But, now there are only 5 weeks left everything is definitely starting to become much more real. No longer are my plans for the future, they are for now. I need to get visas sorted out now. I need to sort out the insurance. I must plan what I am taking now. Time is running away from me, soon it will have run out on me, gone, and all that will be left to do is step onto that Boeing 747 bound for Bangkok. From here on in all I am interested in is travel plans and spending as much time with friends and family. There are just not enough weekends left to see everyone. I’m going to have to squeeze people in. I simply must see everybody before I go. Who knows when I’ll be back……

So I wonder how I will feel tomorrow after I have done it, after I have passed that little envelope across to my manager…FREE. bring it on.